Our Ambition

CPE has a clear ambition for the future, namely to be among the top schools in Pakistan for general management and accountancy education. CPE’s Strategic choice is to go back its roots and what led it to be so successful from the outset, in other words, to serve the business world and facilitate our young graduates’ entry into the job market.

CPE’s aim is to become the school that has a resounding impact on its market, on the business world and on the economy. In other words, whatever CPE does or will do will directly influence management thinking of course, but also, more widely social and economic debate. This influence will be conveyed mainly through the School’s outstanding faculty that puts the business world at the heart of it’s teaching. In order to deploy its strategy, CPE must adapt its facilities, enhance it’s premises and offer it’s students a wider range of services. CPE this, has actively taken these considerations it’s account the result of which can be seen by the development of new rooms and by the change in the management staff.

Central to CPE’s development strategy is it’s ambition to be a leading Pakistani player and to make a major contribution to structuring a rapidly-changing business market, and to be positioned as one of the top general management and accountancy institute in Pakistan in a long-term basis.

In future, CPE’s aims to be the first choice accountancy school among Pakistani institutes for accountancy and management studies

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